Fresh Figs #11 ~ Enrico Gaveglia

hello, fig

House of cards_benn

What up, folks? What, the heck, is up. The Figs have been ripening nicely over the past few weeks and here are two ready for squeezing, plucking, placing inside a bowl and devouring using our big human mouths / eyes

Or uhhhhhhhhh, idk 😉

BASICALLY, here is a wandering artist / troubadour of sorts named Enrico (aka kikontheroad) for you to enjoy

The painting above is ‘House of Cards’ and the one below is ‘Mr Smith’

Enrico’s work seems to me a highly-coloured blend of abstract and figurative; makes me think of almost-Cubist Picasso, but somehow seems contemporary too

Here’s Enrico’s bio ~

I left Tuscany in Italy since 2001, ever since I move around and I guess by now I may have lost the way back home. Had then to keep walking through countries, occasionally stationed for some time and charged and re-charged of places I passed through and…

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The Narcissist & Emily Dickinson


“I tried to think a lonelier thing

than any I had seen

some polar expiation

an omen in the bone

of death’s tremendous nearness.

I probed retrieveless things

my duplicate to borrow

a haggard comfort springs.

From the belief that somewhere

within the clutch of thought

there dwells one other creature

of heavenly love forgot.

I plucked at our partition

as one should pry the walls

between himself and horror’s twin

within opposing cells.

I almost strove to casp his hand,

such luxury it grew

that as myself could pity him, perhaps,

he pitied me”.

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Chromosome of Conflict

Creative Thresholds

by Enrico Gaveglia

These photos are impressions from walking through countries plagued by years of civil wars and conflict. They’ve rarely been able to return to a normal, peaceful life. The drama of war remains for generations in the DNA of the people; it doesn’t matter if you experience the tragedy firsthand. Even new borns, in relatively quiet moments of peace,  have the tag of the sorrow in their genetics, and it takes time to get rid of it. Places, buildings, art expression on streets–all speak as tokens of lives who perished too soon and can talk no more.

Always Cocacola, Morocco Always Cocacola, Morocco ©

Arab Spring, Libya Arab Spring, Libya ©

 Eyes, Libya Eyes, Libya ©

Kathmandu, Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal ©

 Journey, Central African Republic Journey, Central African Republic ©

Enrico GavegliaEnrico Gaveglia was born in 1975 in Tuscany, Italy. He developed kikontheroad some time back as he travels around the world. Direct life experiences often in countries plagued by latent…

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